Demi Lopez-Fathers Day Freakout


Demi Lopez may be a stepdaddy’s girl by heart! She not only loves her father for a way kind and supportive of her he’s , but he doesn’t mind dropping a couple of dollars to assist her out with anything she may have . That’s why this Father’s Day Demi went all bent show her papa what proportion she cares! When she goes to offer him the foremost perfect present of all time, he responds to her with disdain! one among her stepdad’s buddies sent him a link to Demis slutty website. Her little whore secret has been exposed, and now stepdaddy wants nothing to try to to together with her . this tiny slut has dishonored her father and disgraced the family, nobody seems to like her :(. She returns home to her stepmom’s house, only to be bothered by her father who is also pretty shitty. Just then, Demi gets an idea! If her stepdad doesn’t love her for who she is, then fuck him! Demi turns her webcam on and seduces her bumbling father into fucking her on hidden camera. Her pussy got destroyed by that throbbing stepdaddy dick, and an enormous Father’s Day special load got sprayed everywhere her tits and face. Finally, Demi ends the hidden video with a stern happy fathers day, saves the video onto a USB and places it at her real father’s door. Was this the simplest Father’s Day ever? For Demi, maybe, except for her real father not such a lot ..

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